• Mackenzie Bullock

Yogurt fruit parfait bowl

Oh hey beautiful! (Oh I was talking about this yogurt bowl, not you 😜. JKJK you’re just as beautiful too!) So I’ve gotten a little creative in the kitchen lately but well... not on purpose. I created this beautiful piece accidentally one night throwing some things together for a nighttime snack and ended up creating this tasty masterpiece! The vibrant colours may catch your eye but the flavour will catch your tastebuds instantly!

There is no better way to start your morning, end your day or have an afternoon pick-me-up with this beautiful and tasty bowl! Talk about YUM and NUTRITIOUS! All you need for ingredients are:

3/4 cup. coconut greek yogurt

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

about 10 fresh raspberries (or however many you want, but I like lots 😋)

1/2 cup dry oats

1 tbsp. Sliced almonds

optional: flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp hearts

1. Pour blueberries into bowl. Microwave defrost for about 30 seconds -1 minute Just to thaw blueberries a bit

2. Add Greek yogurt and mix. ( This makes the lovely vibrant purplely-blue colour! And I just discovered this coconut Greek yogurt and I think it makes all the difference and adds such a tropical sweet flavour. It doesnt have as much protein as regular plain Greek yogurt though, so next time I may try half and half. )

3. Add rasperries on top.

4. Add in your oats and almonds.

and viola! You’ve created a beautiful masterpiece!

A major benefit to yogurt bowls is they are so easy to make! And the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own beautiful concoction. Most of the time I carry most of these ingredients in my fridge or pantry on a regular basis anyways. But feel free to swap something out to what you do have, like If you don’t have fresh fruit, frozen fruit will do Or any nuts or grains!

Yogurt bowls are so refreshing, energizing and full of healthy and natural nutrients! So put down those quarantine chips and make this your new quarantine schnack!

This is what my bowl looks like after I mix everything together! I mix it all together so each spoonful is full of deliciousness with a bit of each ingredient and gets devoured in seconds!

This bowl would also be a great work snack once regular life turns back on. Just pop it in the fridge to keep chilled. or if you’re working from home, eat by your computer or books while you work!

Well I hope I got your tastebuds salivating over this blog post today. Give this recipe a try for yourself because I promise you, you won’t regret it! But I hope your Wednesday is just as beautiful and vibrant as this yogurt bowl! ☺️❤️


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