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What I've Been Meal Prepping Lately-Chicken Pasta Salads

Hey, welcome back to my blog! I hope your summer is going well. It always flies by so fast, i wish it would slow down for heavens sakes. One thing I' love about summer though, is all the fresh produce. And all the great recipes that can be made with all the fresh fruit and veggies. I'm not usually one to eat salads because I love my chicken and rice but lately I've been craving cold pasta salads.

About the last 4 weeks I've been making a Chicken, Pea, and Grape pasta salad with mayo-coleslaw dressing.

I got the recipe from my momma actually. Then I've just kind of adjusted it myself whatever I'm feeling each week. I remember she would always make a huge batch of it everytime we went camping and I would always eat so much of it because it was so delicious. I love this salad because its so filling and has pretty much every food group which is even better. the tanginess of the grapes and mayo with the chicken and pasta is such a good combo. So this recipe I made for about 5-6 servings/meals (lunch for everyday of the week, but can easily be adjusted to however many servings you need) and it includes:

3 cups of whole wheat Pasta

5 Grilled Chicken Pasta (I add Steak Spice seasoning)

1 cup of frozen green peas

1 cup of red grapes cut in half

1 cup green apple sliced and chopped

I use half mayo, half coleslaw dressing and i just guess the amount, I usually do light dressing to make it a bit healthier.

1. I grill my thawed chicken breast on the stove with steak spice seasoning. While that is cooking, I am cooking my pasta. I really enjoy the Ancient Grain pasta from Walmart and I steam my peas in the microwave for about 4 minutes or until soft.

2. I cut my apples and red grapes up and set aside.

3. Once chicken is thoroughly cooked through, I will set aside on a plate and let it cool down then I will chop it up and portion into my containers.

4. I will then portion out my grapes, pasta and apples into each container to.

5. I will usually pack the dressing in my lunch and bring it with me to add right before I eat the salad.

(Sliced almonds are also a great add-in to this salad for some crunch, I usually eat my almonds for a snack at a different time of the day, so I didn't add them in this time.)

So the second recipe I just started making this past week. I decided to switch it up a bit and I created a different pasta salad with golden Italian dressing and some different vegetables. I think I actually like this one more than the other one. But they're both pretty delicious. I love this salad because of how light it is with the Italian dressing, but still full of flavor and nutrition.

This salad includes:

3 cups of whole wheat pasta

5 grilled chicken breast ( added steak spice & Italian seasoning)

2 cup broccoli chopped

1 small zucchini thinly sliced.

1 cup grated carrots

(If you like olives or tomatoes, that would be a great add-in to this salad, as you can see I don't like those veggies. haha)

1/2 tsp oregano

1. Same steps as the last salad, other than I added the Italian dressing beforehand and let it soak in to the pasta. I also guess the amount on that and I didn't think it was too dry the next day when I ate it for lunch, so I didn't add any extra dressing.

Another tip I like to stick to is.. I always add more veggies and protein rather than pasta. (But don't be afraid to give yourself a healthy serving of carbs girl because carbs are delicious!)

Both of these salads are also great to make for a bbq or potluck. They're also easy to make and easy to make a big batch of and easy way to get lots of your daily veggies in for the day. (I said easy way too many times in that sentence but I hope you get what I mean. haha.)

Well, I would love to know what you think of these salads when you try them yourself and if you have any great pasta salad recipes, please send them my way! and have yourself a great and happy Wednesday!


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