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Volumious Wavy Curls Youtube Hair Tutorial

Well....what a time to be alive right now! This corona virus pandemic is getting a bit crazy. Church was cancelled, college classes got cancelled, gyms are closing, everyone is afraid to leave their homes! I've been inside my house all day, so I thought why not create a hair tutorial video for y'all to watch (and try) while your also sitting in your home bored!

This curly hair-do has been my all-time favorite lately. I've always loved curly hair, I've always wanted curly hair and still dream of having it everyday. (but we all wish for things we don't have right?) So this is as close as it gets. I actually took a poll on Instagram if I should create a tutorial and SO many of you said yes, so here it is! I will put a direct link to the Youtube tutorial right here for you to watch the full thing!

I did fast-forward it just b/c I know y'all aren't going to watch me curl my hair for 40 mins, but I hope I covered everything within my video or on my caption or on here! But if you do have any additional questions, please feel free to comment or message me!

I'll just do a quick overview of the steps that I do for this hair-do:

1) Make sure hair is dirty ( 1-2 days old, its not necessary but it just curls nicer)

2) Part your hair ( I did a side part) and Brush through your hair

3) Section off hair and clip to other side

4) Grab small pieces and curl, hold for about 5-10 second each ( obviously depending on the heat of your curling iron and how curly you want your hair, the longer you hold, and smaller the pieces, the tighter the curl)

5) The top pieces I curl close to my scalp to add volume on the top.

6) Once you've finished the full head, I wait till my hair is completely cool to touch it again, this will make the curls last longer.

7) Pull each curl apart to add volume and make it look thicker and bigger.

8) Fluff and Hairspray where needed. ( I don't use a whole ton of hairspray just because I don't want it to weigh my hair down and lose my volume.) I use Tresemme Hairspray, that is my favorite to use on curls because its not super sticky so after you spray your curls still look fluffy and volumious.

9) And of course the last step, is.... take a selfie because DUHH.. your hair is lookin bomb and you need to selfie that!

I usually also keep these curls for as long as I can(usually last 2-3 days) For sleeping on it, I usually put it in a loose bun or braid and then the next day I will take the braid or bun out and just re curl some pieces. By the 3rd day, it gets pretty frizzy so i usually do a half up messy bun or pony or messy up-do.

Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and mini blog post! I hope you try this hair do out for yourself because I would LOVE to see how it looks on you! I hope you all stay safe, keep washing your hands and stay sane in your houses! :P


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