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The Must-Have Sandal for Summer & My Review

Hey, Happy Monday! I just wanted to pop on here quick an write a quick blog post review about these espadrille sandals that I purchased. I just thought that they were so cute with a summer outfit to create for a fresh look. I absolutely love the white color, and lace tie up the ankle, I think it looks so chic and elegant.

I purchased these from a website a discovered through pinterest actually. It is called To be completely honest, I'm always a bit skeptical at purchasing something off a website that I don't know and didn't have very many reviews on their items. But I always like to know everyone else's experiences from purchasing, and if they actually got their product and quality and all those questions that everyone has. So that's why I wanted to share my thoughts with you!

So I took my chances on ordering. I went with the size that I am (8.5) and they shipped to me longer than the website had said, But that was fine with me. The sizing was bang on. They fit me perfectly. So If you were to order I would say true to size. But if you're needing something by a certain time, I don't know if I would trust that part. They did also send me a couple emails along the way. a confirmation email about my order and then saying it was shipped out and my shoes are on their way. I feel like if I get emails like that then it gives me a bit more hope for that website. And doesn't seem too sketchy.

The quality of the shoe is pretty good I would say, I've only worn them once so far. They seem pretty comfortable to. They seem to have a bit of a cushion. There not rock hard.

I love the heel height on them as well. Since I'm already a pretty tall girl, I like to keep my heels at somewhat of a decent height, and this height was perfect. I'm obsessed with the lace tie up the ankle. I just wrapped it around my ankle once then tied a bow in the back, but the lace is long enough to do another wrap around or a tie in the front. It can defintely be worn a couple different ways.

Below I just shared a couple different outfits that you could wear these espadrilles with.

A floral t shirt dress I thought was so cute, I wore that outfit to church yesterday. I wore my hair in braids and tassel earrings for more of a boho kinda feel. Another option could be with a jumpsuit and jean jacket. The jumpsuit has more of a mauve stripe in it, so I matched the cream sandals with cream tassel earrings.

I was also thinking with a pair of boyfriend jeans and white tee would also be really cute but simple date look.

There really is endless possibilites with these shoes, which is why I did purchase them. Love me a good versatile shoe!

I have linked a few similar styles of espadrilles below here for ya. Just in case the nanashoe wesbite is not working. It was not working for me today while I was putting this post together. So here are some other options!

Urban outfitters, Soludos, Asos

Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and happy shopping for a pair of summer espadrilles, Trust me you wont regret it!


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