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Stripes, Suede & Sweaters

Hello Babes! A new week is here! How are you all doing? I hope you enjoyed your family day/week last week. My husband and I drove down and visited family for a few days. I love being around family. There's just something about being at home around all your loved ones, visiting, having some good laughs, and making memories that I just love. 

Warden and I have grown to love board games more and more ever since we got married and moved up to Lloyd. I think because its winter, its very cold up here right now and we don't have too many close friends yet, so we try to find games and things to do inside. 

When we were down visiting family, we popped into the games store one day. The worker recommended us a game called "Machi Koro", so we thought we would give it a try! We got home, learned how to play it and its actually quite a fun family game. I quite enjoy playing games, especially with family because we are all so competitive against each other! 

But anyways, we are back to reality working and school starts again today for W. I haven't done a outfit blog post in a long time because its been SOO cold that there is no way I am going to model outside in the freezing weather for y'all. So we set up a photoshoot inside. The picture quality isn't quite as good as it would be outside in the natural light, but i hope you still enjoy the outfit inspiration.

I've been wanting to show you this outfit for awhile. It is definitely my new favorite outfit for church on sunday's. It is so comfortable. All the materials of each item are soft and stretchy. The striped top has a little mock turtleneck, which I think just adds the cutest touch to the shirt and whole outfit. I also love the half sleeve. It is flattering on the arms and very versatile to wear in the winter or spring. I purchased this top from Real Deals on Home Decor in Lethbridge.

Don't even get me started on this suede slip dress. When I noticed it was a new arrival in the store, I had to buy it. I have one similar that I got last year, but its a lighter chambray fabric. I wore it all throughout the summer, so I had to get another similar one. I purchased this dress from Real Deals on Home Decor in Lethbridge. Slip dresses are one of my favs to carry in my closet because they are so versatile. I can wear them all-year around and pair them with so many different items. In the summer, I love dressing them down with a pair of converse or platforms sneakers. 

Today I added a black fleece cardigan over top for that extra layer of warmth. The outfit looks great with and without the cardigan, which is nice if you want to de layer, your outfit will still look on point. This cardigan I purchased from Old Navy last winter. I will link something similar here for you.

A big part of how I choose my outfits is if I feel confident and comfortable with all layers on and off. If you feel like you don't look good with the jacket off, you will just be conscious about it all day and that's no fun. 

I went with some dainty jewelry for this outfit this time. I thought it just completed this look rather than big chunky jewelry. The hoops actually say CTR on them. I don't even remember where I got them but it was years ago. You may be able to purchase them from an LDS store or maybe amazon?

Both of my necklaces are from Real Deals on Home Decor Lethbridge. Not sure if these particular ones are in stock anymore, but they do carry a different brand that's fabulous called, Glee Jewelry, that has lots of similar items.

But that's all for today! I hope you rock this week and keep smashin your goals!

This picture is the face you make when you see a spider on the wall and the camera catches you in the exact moment. haha

And this is the post-spider is killed, happy mackenzie!


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