• Mackenzie Bullock

Showstopper in Snakeskin

Hello, Happy second official day of fall y'all! I've gotta say fall is probably my new favorite season, just for the pure fact that its absolutely beautiful. The trees all changing colors make nature look so stunning. Every time fall comes around I'm just like in "aww" of how beautiful it is. Literally "show stopping. But lets talk about this outfit for a minute. Literally also "showstopping." Animal print specifically snakeskin is so trendy right now. I've always been one that has loved animals prints, and so I think its safe to say that I'm still going to wear it and its not going anywhere anytime soon, at least in my wardrobe.

Animal prints can be easily classified as a neutral. The oh-so-classic leopard look. It can also be an eye-catcher with its bold print and dynamic textures. Snakeskin is a great way to break up an all-black outfit or grey jumpsuit for this matter. I may sound a little vain right now, but I don't care, but I feel like so sassy and chic in snakeskin. It's so sleek but edgy! This kind of print that can elevate your outfit by at least 1000 degrees! My pro tip of the day is to find "showstopper" pieces that you feel so confident, and rock them like you're going to walk down the runaway later! Life is too short to wear boring clothes that don't make you feel good!

I've worn this grey jumpsuit so many different ways, but I gotta say I think I've found myself a new uniform. This jumpsuit is so comfy, it feels like I'm wearing pajamas. And who doesn't want to feel like you're wearing pjs! I purchased this jumpsuit from Real Deals on Home Decor Boutique. It is a couple years old, but I love it that much that i'm not going to get rid of it yet!

Both pieces (jumpsuit & snakeskin duster) are oh-so-versatile as well which makes things even better! I love how this look is dressy, but yet so edgy and casual that it can easily be worn to school, or even date night. I've paired this outfit with silver jewelry. Hoops have kind of been my jam lately, so threw some silver hoops with it, and platform sneakers.

Outfit Deets:

Grey Jumpsuit-Real Deals Lethbridge

Snakeskin Satin Duster- Urban Planet

Platform Sneakers- Winners

Silver Hoops- Forever 21


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