• Mackenzie Bullock

Self-Isolating with my Cute OOTD

First, I want to thank you if you're reading this post. It seriously means a lot for you to pop on here and read them! For the longest time I felt like I needed to create posts that sounded professional, and have the sentence structure and everything so perfect. So many times I didn't even publish posts for you guys because I thought they weren't good enough. And I look back and I felt like I missed out on sharing so much. (maybe not)

But I came to a realization that 1) nothing is ever going to be perfect(especially a blog)

and 2) I just want to be as real and raw with you as much as possible!

So with that said, How are you doing with this whole self-isolation thing? We've survived a full week of it so far! Are you going crazy in your homes yet? Having lots of dance parties? If you have kids, are your kids driving you nuts? Maybe your husband is?( I wouldn't doubt it if my husband thinks I'm starting to drive him nuts! haha sorry not sorry)

Well I thought that since I am at home all day, everyday now with this pandemic currently going on and I don't want to do homework all day. I would create some more content for you. Starting off with this super-cute outfit of the day...

I thought this outfit was great to share because Its comfy and simple, and of course super cute. And that's what I like when I am sitting at home doing online homework or lounging. I feel like I've becoming so lazy with not having much to do or anywhere to go that I just stay in my pj's all day, lookin like a homeless person.

So sometimes It feels so good to just get dressed in somewhat normal clothes (leggings are normal compared to wearing pjs all day.haha) put on some makeup and do your hair cute! I felt so accomplished after I did this today and felt so much better about myself.

As a person that always likes to stay busy and doesn't like free time, It's kind of been weird to have so much down-time on my hands and like not really going anywhere. What are your thoughts? You enjoying the free-time at home or nah?

Graphic tees are still such a hot trend right now. Wearing basic, simple pieces makes the graphic tee pop and become the statement piece!

I talked about them a few blog posts ago. If you missed reading that one, click here for the link!

I paired all pink accessories with it, except the black backpack. I just wanted as much pink as possible. (Duhhh... why not)

All these pieces are also great transitioning pieces into spring. With the little pop of blush pink, its such a great color for spring, and black leggings can be worn anytime of the year. I tied the jacket around my waist for an alteration for a warmer day.

And lets just take a moment for this cute hair-do. Of course I create a cute hair-do when I don't have to go anywhere. So instead I had to snap it and share "the good hair moment" with you guys!

Well that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed! Don't judge me that all my pictures are inside because its still kind of cold outside, and there's also corona out there! haha

Have a great weekend ma friends!


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