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Quarantine Amazon Finds

Quarantined? More like Quara-shopping! Am I right, or am I right? lol.

Amazon has become one of my favorite places to shop during quarantine. And I think everyone else's to, because I heard postal services got real backed It helps that amazon make it SO easy to shop & they can save your address at checkout, especially with amazon prime, with quick and free shipping. (Or if you ask my husband...maybe it doesn't help? lol)

I love that I can get almost anything through amazon. I've never really been an online shopper until I had nothing better to do than to online window shop when everything was shut down. I didn't think I would ever purchase clothing off of here, but the quality surprisingly was decent! So now I'm constantly looking to see what other things I can find to update my wardrobe. Its like a blackhole, once you order one thing you just want to order more, so just warning ya! lol.

So today I have rounded up all my favorite things I have bought from Amazon through these quarantine months and thought I would share them with you! Cuz who doesn't love a trusting review and direct link to an item especially online sometimes I'm skeptical of quality or sizing so i love when there is a tried and true review!

So I am just going to list each item I bought, a little blurb of why I like it and then you can click on the bolded title or words to go to the direct link to the item or website!

  1. Red Lips Cheetah Tee

I've been eyeing one of these tees down for awhile but never could find one that was affordable and that wasn't from the states because I didn't want to pay an arm and leg for exchange rates and duty fees. But low and behold, I found one on Amazon! I got an XL size, because sometimes clothing online can fit weird so I went big just in case and I also wanted it to be over sized. And the XL fits me perfectly over sized. I'm usually about a medium in tops, if that helps you with sizing at all!

It is only $25 as well with free shipping if you have amazon prime, which was another plus! The only downside was that my shirt came in a light grey, and not a charcoal like the picture but I was satisfied with the light grey as well!

My favourite way to wear this tee is with biker shorts or jean shorts and sneakers. I posted this top on Instagram a couple times and I've had so many messages about it, so I definitely wanted to share the link!

2. Leopard Blondie Tee

This turned out to be one of my favorite tees. I love leopard and I'm also a blonde so I thought it was just super cute.

Unfortunately, it wasn't available through Prime so it did take quite awhile to get delivered and there were shipping charges, but only $30 total with shipping, so not bad! But came exactly how the pictured showed. I also chose an XL in this top, because again I was skeptical of sizing and I'm always to lazy to check the sizing chart and get a measuring tape out and measure myself. I would say it did fit a bit smaller than the red lips tee but still a bit roomy. I also wanted this one to fit over sized. I love the boyfriend, over sized graphic tee look lately especially for summer. I hate wearing anything too tight in the summer.

If i were to order again I would probably order one size bigger just to have that extra space, and keep in mind to check the washing instructions when you wash it, It may shrink.

I also love wearing this with biker shorts, I also thought it would be really cute in the fall with a pink bomber jacket or black distressed jean jacket.

3. Apple Watch Bands

I actually purchased these silicone bands before Covid hit back in January. But I still wanted to share because I absolutely love them. I like the rubbery, silicone feel of them because they feel nice on my wrist. Also very easy to clean when my self tanner or sweat gets on it. I just take a wet wipe and the gunk slides right off. And it doesn't grab my arm hair and they are also adjustable.

Just make sure you know your apple watch size to be able to get the right band size.

I ordered a leopard pattern and blush pink but they're are a ton of different colors to choose from. Unfortunately, the exact bands I ordered aren't available anymore because it was quite awhile ago but here are some links to some very similar ones. I tried to pick some that were around the same price range of the ones I have.

Similar band #1

Similar band #2

4. Triple Barrel Curling Waver

I've always loved the triple barrel hairstyle, I'm not too sure why I waited this long to get one. But I definitely did review triple barrels because I wanted to get one that was good quality and gave me a good wave. I went to some local shops around my city and to the beauty supply stores but just didn't quite find what i was looking for and that was within my budget.

So yay for Amazon again. I found this one that was only $43 with free shipping with prime. So definitely affordable! I would recommend looking at the reviews on any item before buying it thought, just in case.

I believe there were some similar ones in different colors but I loved the rose gold finish! It has quite a range of heat settings, which is nice to change for your hair type. It heats up fast and It was very easy and quick to use. My hair can be crimped within minutes depending on the type of wave you want.

I did create a hair tutorial with this triple barrel on my Instagram, so if you want to check that out I will link it here for you!

5. Silicone Wedding Band

These have been a hot topic for awhile now. Most people know them by "enso rings." They replace your wedding band/ring and are made out of soft silicone material, that is comfortable and are waterproof, weights proof, work proof, and you can wear them pretty much anywhere.

This is the one I found on amazon, just way cheaper than the enso brand. (only $13 with prime) and I feel like the quality is still really good. I obviously chose pink cuz I love the color pink. But there are a ton of different colors and patterns to choose from.

I love mine because like I just said I can wear it anywhere and it feels comfortable on my finger. Sometimes I even sleep with it on because I can barely feel it and forget its there. I wear it to the gym, lifting weights, in the water swimming, camping, etc. It's also nice to travel with, then you dont feel like your expensive wedding ring will get stolen.

The silicone is easy to clean, Its like the apple watch bands, if it gets dirty or sweaty I will just wipe it with a wet cloth or wet wipe. I've even sun tanned a lot with it on and it doesn't seem to fade color or anything.

6. "Ticket To Ride" Board Game

My husband and I's families love to play games. Whether that's board games or video games. We love the family unity and competitiveness it brings. We love learning new games and trying new things (mostly my husband though) My husband actually suggested this game and wanted to buy it. So I figured why not look to see if its on Amazon, and it was! It was a bit pricy but average for a board game I think.($58 with prime) It comes with alot of pieces but easy to learn and play. I would say its one of my favourite games to play. and I defintely recommend for family game night!

Well that is all the items I bought through amazon during quarantine, if you have any other great amazon finds, whether its clothing, games, storage/organization items, whatever it is, please let me know!!!


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