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My Athia Skin Care Routine

I've never really been one to have a skin care routine or one that is even persistent with a daily regime. I havent always been good when it comes to my skin. Most nights I don't even wash off my makeup. I know that's so bad for your skin, but I just get really lazy and tired if I'm completely honest with you. I've always had pretty clear skin even since I was young, so I feel like I don't need to do anything to make my skin better.

But recently I have discovered Athia Skin Care through Brook Ence on instagram. Brooke is a partner of Athia and also a crossfit athlete that has a very active lifestyle. As an active woman myself, I was very intrigued by there company/account because all their products are formulated by active women for active women. All their products use high quality antioxidants, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and essential minerals that help repair your skin after an intense workout.

Athia skin care company also aspires to do good. Their mission is to inpsire, empower and create a community of strong women. They donate a percentage of all the proceeds to "She's The First" NPO. "She's The First" funds education and scholarships for girls who are the first in their families to receive an education.

I love supporting a company that not only wants women to feel beautiful, but also gives back into the community. I've only used these products for about 2 weeks so far and I can already feel a difference in my skin and complexion. My skin feels refreshed, hydrated, cleaner and brighter. All Athia products are cruelty free, made with natural ingredients, free of parabens and gluten.

I purchased the Ultimate Bundle because I wanted to try out every single product and thought it was the best bang for my buck. I will link it here for you, If you would like to check the bundle out for yourself.

Below, I written out a step-by-step tutorial for you on how I use all the products and also a PROMO CODE for you to use!!


1.Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer- I use this every morning on my face/neck. I will start by applying one pump on my finger and rub all over my face until it is blended in. Sometimes I will use a pump and a half if my skin is feeling really dry. (My skin has never felt so smooth after using this, and also has UV Protection in it, which is a bonus for summer coming up here soon!)


1. Daily Facial Cleanser- I use this every other night. I start off by wetting my face, I pump one pea size amount onto my finger and rub the cleanser all over my face until its all sudzy. Then I will wash my face off, making sure all my makeup is off and pat to dry with a dry, clean wash cloth. (P.s this cleanser smells amazing and My face feels soo smooth after I use this cleanser.)

2.Retinol Night Cream- I will use this every other night with the cleanser. The retinol dried out my skin too much if I used it every night, so every other day seems to be working with my skin better. I will apply one pump of this cream and rub all over my face. It is an anti-aging cream to help with wrinkles and dryness, so I make sure I apply this all over, especially on my wrinkled areas (Forehead, eye area, mouth area.) and down the neck a bit.

3.Instant Facelift- I use this after the Retinol Night Cream. I apply one pump of this all over my face and down my neck a bit. This helps with wrinkles and long term benefits such as keeping the skin tight, lifted, smooth, and looking youthful. I like to use it at night so it can soak into my skin all night. Whenever I use this, I can immediately feel my skin tighten up, so I know its working.

5.Anti-aging Eye Serum-I use this serum after the Instant Facelift. I apply about a half pump of this onto my finger, and dab under eye area. The under-eye skin is very delicate so don't rub and swipe under your eyes because that will cause more wrinkles and stretch out your skin. I have always had darker circles under my eyes and I feel like this is definitely helping with brightening and smoothing out the dark circles. I am excited to continue to use this product and see more results.

6.Lip Plumping Gloss-I apply this all over my lips, so it can condition and hydrate my lips all night long. It helps restore healthy lips, delivers hydration for instant plumping, smooths out lines and wrinkles. I wear lipstick almost everyday and tends to dry out my lips, so with applying this lip plumping gloss every night, my lips have been more hydrated and less dry during the day while I wear lipstick. Sometimes I will wear this during the day, if I don't want to wear lipstick.

I have recently become an ambassador with Athia Skin Care and I want to share the love with you guys. Use my discount code KENZIEROSE for 15% off your first purchase. I will link the website here so you can get shopping!

If you have anymore questions, feel free to comment, or message me! And when you purchase Athia, I would love to know your favourite product!

Remember you are a beautiful, powerful, brilliant, and brave woman!


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