• Mackenzie Bullock

How to Get Volume & Master "THE FLIP"


Ok guys, I have made my second Youtube video! YAY! I am excited to be expanding my knowledge and starting to do more vids. I am still not that tech-savy with youtube and imovie, so bare with me as I am learning as I am going. I felt like as this is my second video this was a pretty good start! I love this hairstyle. I love how much volume I get from it. Whenever I do it. I always get ask how I achieve the volume! So click on the link to watch!

This is probably one of my favorite hair styles among many others to but just because it has so much volume and just so much life to it and Its pretty simple to do. I do lots of talking in the video so I don't want to say to much here but I hope you enjoy and please hit the LIKE button! and if you have any questions please comment them below! :)


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