• Mackenzie Bullock

happy new year!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Well I can’t believe another year has gone by and it’s already 2019! I feel like every year goes by faster and faster. I remember when I was like 10 and played barbies after school with my best friend Sydney and sold lemonade for 10 cents on the corner of our street! And we thought our lives were so stressful at the time because we thought how we were going to go to sleep with the bed made into a Barbie house. And now like 14 years have passed by and we are adults now trying to figure out how to adult by googling stuff!

2018 was an especially memoriable year for me because I had so many great memories and goals that I completed.

First, with going into 2018 dating a handsome, sweet man, travelling to California with his family, completing my goal of being able to do a few chin ups all by myself with no assist, hitting a new squat and bench PR, getting engaged, planning my dream wedding,moving home for the summer to save money for the wedding and growing closer to my family, getting married to the love of my life for all time and eternity in the Cardston Alberta Temple, becoming an auntie again, my brother Blake coming home from his 2 year church mission in Philippines, Warden and I moving to Lloydminster, starting a new job in a whole new city far away from home, and travelling to Mexico with W. 

My 23rd birthday Getting diabetes at REGRUBB in Calgary, AB with these amazing milkshakes.

I got invited to go to California with part of Wardens family in March and he proposed to me in San Diego on the ocean pier. Visited palm Springs and the San Diego LDS Temple.

Got to go hiking in Banff with this hunk :), and he put up with my complaining all throughout the hill until we got to the top! haha

We got our engagement photos done in downtown Calgary by one of Wardens good friends.

Mini Honeymoon in Banff, AB. Second picture is us at The Grizzly House. We are cooking exotic meats on a hot stone. Such a fun place if you are exploring Banff.

Became an auntie again! Tatum T Bullock

My brother Blake got home from his mission in the phillipines after 2 years! And family picture at Blakes Homecoming. So great to have the whole family together again.

Landed a new job at Sportchek as a department Sales Manager.

Our actual honeymoon in Mexico! It was such a fabulous time!

I’m excited to create some new memories and set some new goals for this new start of the year and more throughout the year and continue on my goals that I’m still working on.  I don’t really believe in “new year resolutions” because I believe if you want to do something or start something then just go do it. I love accomplishing goals throughout the year. Having continueing goals throughout the year helps me keep focused, motivates me to complete them and feel successful in my life.


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