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Halo Headwear

Hello, welcome back to my blog! I hope you all had a relaxing, long may long weekend. It was surprisingly warm and sunny for us, which I very much enjoyed. I think I even got a little sun burnt. Warden and I soaked up some sun, sunday afternoon just relaxing in our backyard. And monday we did some window shopping and checked out some greenhouses around the city. I found the cutest pinkish and purple daises, and potted them in my blush pink vase that has been sitting empty for a very long time that I've been wanting to fill. So we will see how long I can keep them alive. So if you have any experience with daises on how to keep them alive for a long time, please pass your secrets over to me, that would be very much appreciated.

So I am very excited about todays post. I wanted to share with you some of the cutest headbands and a few different ways on how I style them. So these halo headbands are made from a sweet lady I know from Lethbridge. Her name is Merena, she devotes so much of her time out to the local community and I always love working with her. She has a website called, "Wear your Halo" which I will link here for you. Merena hires local women from their homes and creates flexible employment for them and their families and gives back a portion of her sales to women and babies in poverty through's Child Survival Program. You can learn more about her charity here.

I love supporting Merena and her kindness with giving back to those in need around the world. I think its a great idea and I love supporting her and her company.

The first and probably my favourite way to wear a halo headband is over the hair with the knot at the front or to the side. I personally have this floral print (its actually called whimsical rose on her website) and I absolutely love it. I will link it here to purchase. There are so many different colors in it, which makes it easy to match with different outfits.

Another way I've worn this "whimsical Rose" headband is over top of french braids. It such a cute way to spice up the braids. It is also nice to wear when exercising or running to keep the fly away hairs or sweat out of your face. I've even worn a halo headband to keep the wind out of the ears for the cooler temps.

For more of a boho, hippie look, try wearing the headband over top of the hair with the knot at the back. I have also worn my hair wavy (pictured below) which is a cute way to switch things up.

Another way I styled these halos were with my french braids, but I tucked my braids back into the headband. If you've known me for awhile, then you know I love being creative with my hair styles and trying new things with it, especially with accessories added in. This was definitely a creative one.

Another way that I've styled a halo headband is like a bandana. I kept some bangs out in the front and slid it underneath the rest of my hair, I kept the knot up at the top and back combed the hair in the back to add some volume!

Last but not least... this hairstyle with the halo headband is also one of my favourites. The whole look creates a elegant updo, that literally takes under 5 minutes. Slide the headband on top of the hair and then just tuck all the excess hair over top back into the headband, and voila!

Well I hope you enjoyed my post today about Merena and her Halo Headwear. I seriously have so many of her headbands and I absolutely love them and wear them lots. (They even tend to stay on my head and dont slide off like other branded headbands.)

Theres really so many different ways to wear these halos, I would love to see how you've styled your halo headband, and I hope you all have a great week!


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