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Goal setting & planning

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

January is a great month because 1. It’s my birthday month and also it’s a great month to set some goals for the year. For the first week or so I think about my life... what is going on in my life? what kind of goals I may want to accomplish?(Fitness related, reading more books, learning a new skill, do more volunteering, be more kind to those around you, build a relationship stronger, gain greater knowledge in a subject, learn a new sport, learn how to budget, clean my house more, eat less fast food, eat healthier, and whatever else you may be thinking) are they realistic goals? How can I go about completing those goals? Do I have any setbacks that will make this goal challenging or may take me a little longer to complete? 

I take ALL of these things into consideration as I am thinking about goal setting. Now it may sound like a lot of work doing this but it’s not. For me I just ponder about it through my days. While I’m watching tv or working it’s just in the back of my mind. I also think about new goals i want to accomplish all year long to! What do I want to work on and/or complete through this year of 2019?   

Some things may pop into your head really fast of something you want to work on and get better at. And that’s great. 

But I also try to find a goal or something to work on that is out of my comfort zone that pushes my limits and fears.  Also, I try to find a goal that is a bit more simple to work on throughout the year as well. (For example, make the bed every morning, I suck at making my bed it’s never been a habit for me but the days I do, I love it. I just feel so much more put together.) 

Once I have figured out some goals I want to work on, I will write them down (you can even write them down in your pj's like I did) and post them in a spot that I will often look at them! (For example, I love posting quotes and reminders on my bathroom mirror because I’m usually in there in the mornings when I wake up  and evenings when I’m getting ready for bed. Or the fridge is a good area to post goals because y’all know I’m gonna be going in there for food throughout the day! Sometimes, if I have enough time I will even post reminders in my calendar in my phone and apple watch to remind me throughout the day while I'm at work. 

But I’ve found for myself that writing things down and reading it daily around the house and on my phone helps remind me to keep at it! 

I found some really cute free templates through Pinterest to help me get started on writing my goals and planning down. 

I will post some links below if you are interested in trying some out. A couple of these links have many links inside them to different color schemes and patterned templates. Some are from other bloggers, so you may have you sign up for their newsletter to get the free template.

(I got my floral template I used in these pictures from this link above👆🏻👆🏻) 

The template I chose had tons of different templates for meal planning, blog planning/ideas, monthly calendar, goal list, plan of action list, daily planner for each hour of the day/exercise/meals to cook that day, etc. I chose this particular floral template because i thought it was super cute and goes with my color scheme of my house. 

I know a few of the templates I looked at had a water/exercise chart to keep track of your exercise and water intake, which I thought would be nice to have if you want to try to keep track of that. 

The journals and notebooks I got awhile ago, but I believe I got them from winners or home sense. They always have tons of cute ones in there or indigo chapters has lots. And I know Real Deals Lethbridge has started to carry some notebooks as well! 

The crayons help with highlighting any important ideas, important dates, that sort of thing. You could use actual highlighters as well. I just like crayons because they don't leak through paper. I just bought them from walmart for super cheap.

I hope I've motivated you a bit to get setting some goals as well as getting more organized in daily/weekly/monthly planning.  If I can do it, you can do it to! Lets do this 2019!


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