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Fridays Favorites in Flatlays- feat.Ruffle Collars

Happy Friday! So I decided I am going to start doing a blog post on every friday about something that I currently love in a flatlay. So today is all about ruffled collars. Ruffle collared tops are so in trend right now and that is why I chose to talk about them today. As I scroll through social media (specifically my instagram) I tend to see them quite a bit. One thing that is great about them is how versatile they are. They can be worn in all seasons, with a cardigan, under a slip dress, tucked into high-waisted jeans or a skirt. I've seen so many different styles of them as well. Like long sleeve, half sleeve and short sleeved ones. I currently only have long sleeved ones at the moment. I also found a sweater dress from winners awhile back that had a ruffled collar to! (shown in my pics below.) I love how the ruffle is such a small little detail, but can add so much more life to the outfit. I have some days where I don't want to put much effort into my outfit, so these kind of tops come in handy because they are so simple yet make myself look put together. Below, I've put together just a few outfit examples of how I've styled these tops. My current favourite way is under a slip dress!

This is the sweater dress I got from winners. It goes to about my knees. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago for church. Its kind of a monochramatic look with all the grey and silver tones. The leather jacket was a nice touch adding a different texture to the whole outfit. I added a silver metallic boot to match with the silver jewelry and silver zippers on the jacket. I also added a snakeskin clutch for a fun, bold pop. (If the snakeskin is too much for ya, I've also paired it with just a grey over-the-shoulder bag.) Below I've shared where I've purchased each item and linked the websites as well!

  • Leather Jacket is from I believe Winners again. ( I honestly cant remember I've had it forever.)

  • Silver Metallic Boots - Aldo Shoes (Boots arent available anymore, but linked similar ones.)

  • Snakeskin Clutch-hand me down from old roommate. (Posted a similar one here, and here)

  • Both necklaces - Real Deals on Home Decor Lethbridge

The second look I put together is with the white/black striped ruffle collared top and chambary slip dress. Honestly, one of my favourite outfits to wear. The whole outfit just looks so put together and fresh. I love this look for spring. Last summer, this outfit was on repeat. I just swapped out the long sleeve shirt for a white Tee. This look can even be worn with nylons or tights for the cold, winter days. I paired it with dainty jewelry again. Added some hoop earrings and a black choker to. I love the layered necklace look with the ruffled collared. Just adds so much more to the neckline.

The third look I put together with these tops is one of my favourite to wear in the fall and winter seasons. I love the dark tones with pops of leopard and ombre' tassel earrings. As you may see a theme going on with my last outfits and this outfit, I love a good statement shoe. Platform sneakers have been one of my obsessions lately. I love the life it brings to this outfit and the different textures. (Your outfit isn't complete until you got the perfect shoe haha.) I didn't add any neck jewelry to this one because I thought with the big statement earrings that it was quite enough already.

This look can totally be transitioned into the summer though. I swapped out the black striped tee with a white tee and pink jacket over top and pink converse and pink bag. I posted this look last summer on my instagram, you can take a look here at it!

There's so many more looks you can create with ruffled collared tops but these were just a few of my fav! I hope you enjoyed these looks today and have a great rest of your friday and weekend! I would love to know your favourite pieces and feel free to post pictures of outfits you've created in the comments below!


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