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Fridays Favorites in Flatlays - Feat.Gym Attire

I'm either dressed like I'm going to the gym or I'm going to the gym! I thought this was a great topic to talk on today because if you've known me for awhile or follow me on instagram, you know that I love fitness, working out, running, all that jazz. I'm definitely a girl that loves her gym clothes. Both in the gym and outside the gym. Comfort is the top thing I look for when I am shopping for workout clothes. Some other things I look for when I am shopping is: I want my clothing to fit nice in all the areas( I mean like sport bras are supportive, tights are squat proof, etc) protect me, wick away sweat and material is soft, stretchy and flexible.

Since most days, I tend to hit the gym right from work, I need a bag that will be able to hold all my workout gear and then my work clothes, then snacks, water bottle, supplements on top of that.

I always love to use a watch or an app to help me track my time, calories, distance, etc to get the most out of my workouts and track my progress. I personally like the apple watch, but also used to have used the fitbit surge in the past and it was great for running.

I love this pink half zip pullover for running. I went a size smaller so it is tight. Its the softest fabric ever and I love love the color. I wear this one tons. My eyes always gravitate towards these half-zip pullovers for some reason. I like the way they look on my body shape and very versatile in the gym or on the streets.

High Rise leggings are the only leggings that my legs can wear. I have a long torso and long legs, so when I am training especially, I like some leggings that I can crank up and I wont ever have to worry about my back side hanging out. It makes leg day a bit easier as well with a high rise pant. I feel like it is hard to find a nice high rise legging, but old navy actually has nice active wear. I have quite a few pieces from there, I'll link my leggings here for you.

Nike Pink Half-zip Running Pullover-Sportchek

Adidas Runners- Foot Locker

High-Rise Legging- Old Navy

Marble Water Bottle-Costco

These leggings are also from Old Navy. They are a 3/4 length and are like a dark teal color. I actually quite like the color and think it goes great with pink, of course! (and grey.) I couldnt find anything this color, but I found a similar capri legging for you, I'll link it here.This grey tank top was actually a hand-me-down from my aunt. I believe is from Victoria Secret/Pink. I personally love most of my workout gear tighter, just do it doesn't get in the way of lifting the weights or flip up and my stomach shows. (because for heavens sake, I wouldn't want to show my abs, I mean flabs to everyone. haha)

The grey and pink adidas baseball cap is from Sportchek, I'll link it here.

I love this sweater crop top. I usually just wear it over top of my tanktop if I'm a bit chilly then once I warm up I take it off. Its from Ardenes.

Sometimes I'm wear all black, its like a funeral for my fat. I seriously think that every time I wear all black. This is one of my favourite running outfits. The runners I've had for a few years and I've worn them so much they are starting to get worn down but I haven't found anything that I love like these ones to replace them. The are nice and light, which is great for cardio or H.I.I.T Training. They are from Sportchek, and to be honest I'm not even too sure what kind of shoe they are.

I like to wear this crop sweater if I want to really work up a sweat during my cardio session, or look stylish outside the gym. It looks really cute with high-waisted tights or track pants.

The thermos Contigo Water Bottles from costco are great because they keep your water cold all day. When I do outside workouts in the summer and have my water laying in the sun, the thermos kind is really nice to have.

These are probably the clothes I wear most of the time in the gym. These outfits I wear for training days. The tanktops fit so nice, and are such a soft material. They are lululemon, but actually got them both as hand-me-downs. Not sure exactly what style they are, but i'll link some similar ones here.

These runners are great for training. I love the way they fit on my feet. I will link them here for you. They come in a few different colors and they are on sale! Woot woot!

I love these water bottles from Costco. The easy access flip-lid is great to get a quick sip of water and then get back to your workout.

The gym bag I actually found at winners. I thought it was a supper cute pattern. It has lots of pockets and pouches inside to organize all your stuff.

The Air Jordan Pullover sweater I've had for years and its actually mens. I like to wear it as a warm-up top. Then just wear my tanktop over top and when I'm warm, I just take it off.

Well I hope you all have a great friday! If you have any questions about gym attire, just give me a shout or leave a comment! I would love to know your favourite pieces in the gym, I'm always on the look out for new items to add to my collection. If you need some motivation to get exercising, or get back into it, sometimes a new workout outfit helps motivate me.


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