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#FFF-featuring Statement Earrings & Hoops

Happy Friday lovelies, It's so good to be back with you for another friday favourites in flatlays. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite statement earrings and hoops. Sometimes, accessorizing may be the last thing on my mind in the mornings while I'm getting ready, but a pair of earrings can surprisingly pull together your whole look for the day. Since I currently working in a sports store, I cant wear too much jewelry, so earrings are always a fun way to dress up my black collared work shirt.

So lately, I've been loving a bold and dainty hoop. I know they are the complete opposite but they serve different purposes for different moods and looks. I've been noticing the resin textured hoops trending a lot lately as I've been scrolling through my social media. I love how this type of earring is coming back in style from like the 60's, and now just worn in a more modern, minimal way. (I have linked my leopard and pink resin hoops below and a couple other favs at the bottom of this post, for you to check out.)

Hoop earrings can basically be worn with any outfit and can be dressed up or down. I like wearing a big giant hoop with a slicked back pony or top knot for more of an edgy look. Or a tiny dainty hoop with messy braids and floral dress for a more elegant look. Adding some color or a print like my pink and leopard resin hoops pictured, can inject a playful edge with your look. You can never go wrong with some color, especially pink. or a bold print!

I've linked my earrings below or similar ones. I like shopping at Ardenes and Forever 21 for earrings because they always have a huge selection to choose from and they are usually pretty cheap. My sister-in-law recently discovered that aliexpress has some really cute, cheap, and good quality resin earrings as well. ( just remember to read the reviews)

  • Silver Octagon Hoops purchased at Ardenes

  • Leopard Hoops purchased at Ardenes

  • Pink Reson Hoops purchased at Ardenes

  • Gold and Marble Hoop purchased at simons

A statement diamond earring is the way to go for a more simple, traditional look. A diamond stud can go along way in the accessory world. I feel like they are defintely undersated. I love how they can be a eye catcher, but yet so timeless and simple. These diamond earrings I believe I got from Ardenes as well, I have linked some similar ones here for you!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite earrings. I would love to know what your favourite pair of earrings are in the comments below! I've also shared some pictures of earrings that I'm currently crushing on and that are on my list to buy soon!

Have a great friday and weekend!

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