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Casual Chic

My love for joggers runs deep. They are my go-to, especially for the weekend. Joggers are probably the best thing next to leggings if I'm being honest. They are super-duper comfy to wear just lounging around the house or even if you need to pop up town to run some errands. I wanted to share this look with you because it is what I wear a lot of the time. And you can still look cute while wearing sweats or in this case, joggers! I purchased these joggers at winners, and unfortunately I don't even know the brand. But I will link some similar ones here, and here.

While, joggers can totally be worn just in a casual look like this, they can totally be dressed up into a more dressy outfit with a blouse and heels. Anybody else love wearing joggers for a casual weekend look?

I absolutely love this whole look and how well it's put together. The trick to look completed and put-together is to match 2 pieces. Like I did here, I matched my sweater color to my shoes. I just got super lucky finding these cute slip-on sneakers a while ago at Real Deals on Home Decor that literally matched this sweater perfectly. I purchased this sweater at Ardenes, last winter. So I cant find the same ones to link it, but here are some similar ones. You could also match your jacket or purse to your shoes. (It doesn't always have to be this way, so don't over-stress about it, but personally I think it looks really sharp.)

It's been so nice out this past week, the sun has been shining and slowly melting the snow away. I've been so eager to wear my spring clothes, but its still a bit chilly and still piles of snow unfortunately. So for now, It is still sweater weather. The sweater can totally be swapped out for a graphic tee once it gets warmer out though, if you still want to keep that casual look!

Well I hope you enjoy your monday and have an awesome week!

Outfit Details

Leopard Sweater: Ardenes

Jogger Pants: Winners

Distressed Denim Jacket: Real Deals on Home Decor

Slip-On Sneakers: Real Deals on Home Decor


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