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5 Simple Ways to Wear a White Tee This Spring #FFF

With the warmer weather slowly approaching, I've been feeling the springy outfit vibes. I've been so eager to get wearing all my light, springy layers. I thought a white tee would be a good start to the spring wardrobe. A white tee is a staple, especially for spring and summer. It's so simple and minimal, but yet can look so classic all at the same time. It can be paired with pretty much anything and everything. Deep down inside, it kind of makes me happy when I wear something from my closet a lot, because then I know I got its money's worth out of it. Anybody else think like that?

Finding the perfect basic white tee can sometimes be hard, just with the cut and style for your body type. I know that i'm always on the search for nice basic tees. I have found that a V-neck works best for me. I purchased it from Old navy. I will link it here. I also have this one in black. I love the material, Its so nice and soft, and hangs really nicely. but it does wrinkle easily, so I tend to steam it frequently. So that is the down fall of this one.

I find that Old Navy has a really good selection of basic tees though, and always has tons of different colors. And you cant really beat old navy's prices. So its kind of a win-win there. I will link some similar ones here and here for you to check out.

Below, I have shared with you 5 basic outfits that can be worn with a white tee.

1. Basic White Tee with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Such a easy, effortless look to wear uptown or even out for a casual date night out.

Boyfriend Jeans are from Garage, and Platform wicker Sneakers are from Winners.

2. Casual White Tee with Jean Jacket, Leggings and Slip-ons. Jean Jackets always just look so fresh to me, and makes for a great layering item. I have had this jacket for years. I got it from American Eagle. I love the sweater sleeves. Adds a nice contrast with the denim.

And you can never go wrong with leggings...ever! These leggings I got from Old Navy.

3. Casual White Tee with Bomber jacket and Distressed Jeans. I love this bomber jacket and the detailing on it. It is another find from winners. This outfit can also be worn with a leather jacket or sweater to. I thought the sneakers added just a pop of shine with the metallic look. But can easily be swapped out for a sandal or flip flop when it gets up high in the temperatures.

For a more casual, street-style look, I paired my bomber jacket with these adidas runners. And knotted my white tee. This is a great outfit for a day when you want to be cute, but feeling comfy and may be walking alot.

4. Casual White Tee with Paper-Bag Pants. Paper Bag Pants are one of my favourite things to wear in the spring and summer (next to jumpsuits) because they are so light, and airy. It feels like your wearing pajamas. I dont like wearing tight things in the summer due to sweat. I love how fresh and bright this outfit looks. I'm all about lighter colors, especially when it comes to spring and summer. These particular pants are high waisted, so I tuck my white tee in my pants or just knot it to the side. A jean jacket or sweater can easily be thrown on with this outfit to add an extra layer, if need be. To be honest, I cant even remember where I got these pants but I'll link some similar ones here.

5. Casual White Tee with a Floral Skirt and Heels. This is one of my favourite looks for spring and summer. It looks so chic, but yet so effortless. Floral always seems to be in trend, especially for the warmer months, So you can never go wrong with floral. A pleated maxi skirt would also be cute with a white tee. I will link some here for you, because that it on my list to buy myself for this summer. I've usually just worn this outfit with the front of my tee tucked into the skirt and leave the back hanging loose.

The heels give is a bit of a dressier look, which I tend to wear to church. I purchased these from Real Deals on Home Decor. But if you want to dress it down, a pair of sneakers or sandals can definitely be worn.

Well I hope you got some White Tee inspiration and I would love to know how you wear you white tee's in the comments below!

Have a great Friday everyone!


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