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4 Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee

Hello Hello, Welcome back to my blog! Today, I am going to be sharing with you some different ways to style a graphic tee. Lately, as I've been scrolling through my Pinterest and Instagram feed, I've been seeing graphic tees a lot and especially like the oversized/boyfriend kind of look. Personally, I love this trend, I love graphic tee's, they can be worn with almost anything and everything, and looks good with any age. AND, A graphic tee will never go out of style, so its always a great long-term purchase to make for your wardrobe.

PRO TIP: when shopping for the perfect over sized graphic tee, I actually go straight to the men's section and have the most luck at a second hand store or Winners/Marshalls. That is actually where I have purchased a lot of my graphic tees lately.

And most of my clothing items are pretty old. To be honest, I haven't really purchased any new clothes in awhile just because Warden and I are both in school and are on a really tight budget at the moment, so I've been trying to wear what I have in my closet. (sigh) haha. So I'll try to link as much as I can, but I apologize ahead of time if I cant!

Below, I have gone through each outfit and made a little explanation for each one and where I purchased each item!

OUTFIT #1: According to Instagram, this was the most liked outfit out of all the outfits apparently! I love the pattern mixing I did here. Even though, its the same pattern (leopard),that's ok! I mixed a smaller print on the legs with a bigger print on the cardigan to balance it out. I added a graphic tee that just had some of the same color tones as the pants and cardigan, and a slip-on sneaker because y'all know that's my favourite shoe to wear with anything!

I love this look because I feel like it can be worn anywhere! The pants kind of make it more dressy so it could be worn to work or even out to a date night, or even a casual day out shopping. You could even take off the cardigan for a warmer day in the spring and just wear the tee!

Tie waist pant: American Eagle

Cardigan: Real Deals on Home Decor

Graphic Tee: Winners

Slip-on Sneakers: Winners

OUTFIT #2: This was also one of the most liked outfits when I shared this on Instagram. I love how casual and sporty it is. I feels like just a throw on and go kind of outfit when your running late trying to get out of the door fast and got no time but want to look cute! I added a baseball cap and backpack for more of a chic-sporty look.

Baseball cap: Lululemon

Graphic tee: Vans Sportchek

Cardigan: Old Navy

High Waisted Joggers: Winners (mens section)

Sneakers: Winners

OUTFIT #3: This is definitely more of an office/dressy look. Its not something I would wear as often as one of the casual looks but thought it was a cute option with a graphic tee. One of my Instagram friends actually messaged me awhile ago, asking for some office outfit inspiration because she works in an office and needed ideas so I thought I would throw this option in here.

I thought the leather jacket was a nice little piece to jazz up the outfit. A blazer would also be another nice option. I kept it simple with a statement earring(btw I got these earrings from Walmart and they were $7, you're welcome ;)) and a small over the shoulder clutch bag. I feel like since the leather jacket and graphic tee are already wow pieces to the outfit I kept everything else simple.

Earrings: Walmart

Graphic tee: Winners

Leather Jacket: I think Forever 21( its pretty old)

Tie Waist Pants: Urban Planet

Block High Heel: Real Deals on Home Decor

OUTFIT #4: This is one of my personal favs. Easy, peasy, lemon queezy, but yet so put together. Graphic tee + cardigan + jeans + shoes = Complete. Fanny packs are also so trendy right now to and I absolutely love them. I wore this outfit out running errands the other day and the fanny pack is actually so handy. You have everything you need right on your waist and don't have to worry about carrying a heavy purse around. Definitely recommend getting one if you don't have one already.

Glasses: Ardenes

Cardigan: Winners

Graphic tee: Winners

Jeans: American Eagle

Sneakers: Winners

There's literally endless options to wear a graphic tee but these were just some of my favorite ways that I quickly put together! I would love to see how you styled your graphic tee, feel free to comment below or follow me on instagram and comment there! :)


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